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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Starting the Journey anew

It's now been two weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. Just before I gave birth I was tipping the scales at 192 (yeah I know!) My pre-pregnancy weight was around 145, which was relatively close to my happy weight of 135, and the result of a few years of weight loss struggles. Before I started my first weight loss journey, I topped out at 180 (without a baby in my belly!), and I had promised myself I would never let myself get that out of shape again.

I tried to stay active during my pregnancy, but preterm contractions, massively swollen feet, Gestational Diabetes, and a generally overwhelming tiredness kept me from being as active as I would have liked.

I am determined to loose every pound I gained carrying my baby girl, and hopefully a few extra. She deserves a fit mommy, one that can keep up with her. Like I did with my last weight loss journey, I'm going to blog this to keep myself honest and motivated. It's going to be slow going here at the beginning, mostly walks and swimming when I can manage it, but hopefully soon I'll be able to work my way up to full workouts.

Today I weigh: 171.2 lbs.
Today I: Walked down to Muddy.Waters to get coffee while carrying Baby Girl