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Monday, May 2, 2016

Begin again.

Not long after posting my last post, I had a serious discussion with the Hubs, and made a decision to put in my two weeks. With my new limitations, working outside the home while raising a child was just too taxing on my body.

This means I will be able to focus on getting myself healthy. Not just by giving me more time to exercise, but also to prepare and cook healthier meals.

This past weekend, I managed to get myself out for my run with my running buddy. She's doing the C25k program, since she just started running. She is way taller than me, with a stride almost double mine, so she runs much faster than me. This is making for a good fit, since it's basically like doing intervals for me.

The run went well, we ran the running portions much faster than I'm used to, but I didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard.

I'm looking forward to getting back into a regular fitness routine. My plan is to run in the mornings while my daughter is at pre-school, three days a week, and to do my karate class twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I may give up one of the runs during the week, moving it to Sunday to keep my run with my running buddy consistent.

Hopefully this routine won't be too much on my body, and will help alleviate at least a few of the symptoms I've been having.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The lost year

That's what I'm going to call it. "The Lost Year." This past year (and change) was more than a doozy, it was everything you don't want a year to be. There were some bright points, usually associated with my daughter, but there were so very many dark moments.

Let's do a brief recap shall we?

  • Shortly after the half marathon last year my running ground to a halt (or rather a slow trickle) as I battled weird fatigue and more random body issues.
  • I quit my job and got a new one, which was supposed to help me free up time and money since it was only three days a week (more about that later.)
  • Within a four week span the following happened:
    • My uncle died.
    • My Husband's Grandmother (whom I was very close to) died.
    • My SIL was diagnosed with Cancer.
  • One of my mentors, the Sensei at the first Dojo I attended, died unexpectedly in January.
  • About a month into my new job, my fatigue and muscle soreness intensified mysteriously, leading me on a many month journey through multiple doctors and tests that cost a great deal of money culminating in:
  • About a month ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 

So yeah. On top of all of that, the shiny new job that was supposed to allow me the freedom to not only be at home with my daughter more often, but also to actually find the time to exercise and eat out? Yeah, kinda sucks.  So I'm on the job hunt again, and finally, it seems, finding my way out of "The Lost Year."

I'm back at Karate, although at a new Dojo. I'm running again, and have even found a running buddy to keep me going. My daughter is now old enough to be taking random sports classes, and is keeping me busy between her dance class and her karate class. Nothing quite like having your almost-four-year old showing you how it's done on the Judo mat!

Ok so I typed this up a week ago, and forgot to hit publish. So I'm going to hit that now, and see about getting back into this blog again. I miss having this outlet!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Running wild and running free

I did my first run in...well in a long time...last night. I set out with no real plan except to get myself out there and put some miles on my shoes.

I was tired, really tired, before the run. I had not slept well the night before, and the normal stresses of life were just draining me. I almost called off the run, and then, like so many times before, when I opened my front door, this months Runners World was waiting for me. Motivation just when I needed it.

So I laced up, crammed my new phone awkwardly into my armband (I really do need to get a new one,) and drove myself out the canal path. I knew the run was going to be a hard one, so I wanted a nice flat easy run, where I could cut it as short as I needed to.

I got new running sunglasses for my birthday, and this was the first time I ran with them on. I'm happy to say they performed admirably, and I was able to run without squinting or having to constantly push my sun glasses back up my nose. They have interchangeable lenses, so I'll do a more thorough review after I've used them a few more times.

I ran wearing my Glycerin 11's, which are quickly becoming my new favorite shoes. My Mizuno's are still covered in powder from the color run, so it was nice to be able to have a second pair of kicks to just grab and go. I'm still not 100% on the Transcends, the extra cushioning changes my gait so much that I end up tiring out faster (which I guess is the point after all.)

The run itself was hard, like I was expecting. I ran slow (really slow.) I felt every step of the way. But at the same time, it felt awesome to be out there. It was that same weird mix of "Oh my god I hate this why do I do this? and "This is the best thing ever, why don't I do this more?" that I get whenever I'm away from running for too long. I'll know I'm back in it when the ratio shifts and the hate starts to fade a bit. (Which is also when I'll know it's time to turn up the intensity.)

I did three solid, slow miles. An out and back along the canal path. The weather was perfect, and I was feeling good enough at the end to be smiling and giving friendly waves to other people out on the trail.

Today I'm a little sore, sportin' the compression socks under my jeans, But I am once again reminded of why I run, because I like myself so much better as a runner. I don't notice it happening when I stop running, but the stress and anxiety slowly ratchets up with each non-running day, and the unhealthy food and all my little bad habits start creeping back in. Luckily, it takes just one single day of lacing up to remind me and get me pointed back in the right direction.

I'm still gunning for the 500 mile mark this year. I fell a little behind in the month of May, so I'll have to kick it up a bit to hit the goal. I'm going to have to average over 45 miles a month to hit that goal. But broken down that's only a little over 11 miles a week. I can totally do that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bad blogger, no cookie!

Ok I've been a bad blogger. I admit it. Honestly I have no good excuses. I've just been in the busy zone.

I haven't been running much, I've been focusing on getting different kinds of exercise in. I dug out my old Jillian Michaels DVD the other day and remembered that I have an upper body that has not been exercised in way too long. (seriously, I barely finished the workout.)

The Saturday before Memorial day The Hubs, Munchkin and I joined a couple friends for the local Color run. It was the "Shine Tour" which meant in addition to the normal colors, we got Glitter and Bubbles. The two toddlers were ecstatic. My daughter still has a scalp full of glitter, almost a week and four baths later. We are definitely going to do it again next year.

The two toddlers (the Muchkin and my friends daughter - who are five days apart in age) even ran for about a half mile of the course. So I figure she earned the medal they handed out at the end of the run. Since this is her second race medal, I decided she needed a medal rack, so I went to target, got some command hooks and lined a couple up on the wall in the living room. Yes, my daughter has a way to display her race medals before I do ^_^

As far as exercise, I've been using this app on my phone: PopSugar Active. It's got a ton of these short 5, 10, and 20 minute videos that are decent enough. The variety and portability are what sold me on it (and the fact that it's free!) The challenge group I joined is doing a "30 minutes of activity a day" challenge this week, so I'm going to have to stack multiple videos to get my 30 minutes in each day.

Oh yeah and my phone randomly died on me last weekend, which sucked. I have a new phone now, but I'm still figuring it out, and haven't gotten a case for it yet, so I'm not sure if I want to run with it or not. I may have to do my next run "naked".

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Getting my feet back on the ground

Wow so much to update. I've been having a time crunch issue (and a little bit of an energy crunch issue) a lot lately, which is why I haven't been updating. Let's go through it quickly then, shall we?

I downloaded a new running app, ostensibly to help me learn to do interval training, but come on, mostly it's because it's kinda awesome. I went with Zombies, Run! I've only run with it once so far, but MAN is it motivating to hear zombies coming for you.

This past sunday was the Lilac 5K, during which My Father, a Family friend and I took turns pushing my mom in the running wheelchair. Pushing that thing up hills is no joke. But you totally feel like a rockstar because everyone is constantly giving you props. I should do a more in depth race report for that, but the bottom like was, awesome fun race, slow time, but more about just enjoying the run.

After last posts awfulness, Tiina over at One Crazy Penguin reached out to me and invited me into a FaceBook Support group. I'm hoping it's what I need to keep my eating on track, and get me back to loosing weight.  Right now the challenge is to eat 5 fruits & Veggies a day. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies normally, but making sure I get in 5 was a little daunting. I find it difficult to stay in my calorie budget at the same time. I went a little over yesterday. Not too bad, but still over.

I'm working on the meal planning, and getting a few more healthy recipes into rotation, but the other variable in all this is putting a lot of pressure on my efforts. I haven't mentioned it before (or maybe I have I forget) but The Hubs has serious stomach issues. What, we still don't know, but right now he is on a Lactose free, gluten free, low acid diet. Add in a Toddler who is becoming a somewhat picky eater (she refused to eat the asparagus last night), means I'm having a hard time finding food that everyone can, and will, eat that's healthy. I'm about to give up and start cooking separate meals for everyone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And it all crashes down in an instant

I figured that I had been doing fairly well with the exercise and eating since New Years. Yeah, I had kinda slacked a bit lately on the nutrition, focusing more on finishing the Half, but I figured all the running was making up for it.

I haven't stepped on a scale in a long time, but I was feeling good about my progress and the direction I was heading.

And then last night, my Mother In Law took a picture at an outdoor concert and tagged me in it. My phone pinged and I clicked on the notification and saw the picture.

A super cute picture of the Hubs and the Munchkin. Adorbs. No wonder everyone I knew was liking the picture. But then I saw why I was tagged.

And all I could see was this:

And I wanted nothing more than to be able to erase the picture from the internet. From existence. Each ping I got when someone liked the photo stabbed into me a little bit.

And then I stepped on the scale. 180. UP almost 10 lbs from the last time I'd stood on the scale. I felt awful, humiliated, defeated. All this running, all this time, and I am back again close to my heaviest weight, and worse, I look it.

So I'm starting over (again) today. The eating needs to be cleaned up. No more "oh just this ones" or "I can let it slide today." And I need NEED to add in exercise besides running.

I feel so utterly awful right now.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gettin' back on the 'mill

I gave myself a full week off after the half marathon to recover. It was actually hard for me to not run for a full week, but I think it was the best decision for my body.

I did my first run this week on Tuesday, on the treadmill since I was pressed for time.

Right off the bat I could tell my legs were not at 100% yet. My calves were super tight. I started out at a slowish pace to try to work them out, and then started doing short bursts of speed (one or two minutes at an increased speed) since I was trying to get three miles in before The Hubs got home with the Munchkin.

After the first mile, my calves still felt a little uncomfortable, but a lot better, so I upped the speed a little bit. I managed to finish out the three miles with negative splits, which was cool, and to finish it before the Hubs got home, which was awesome.

Not a bad first run back at it, but not the best. I think I'm going to take a few weeks to just kind of get back into the groove before figuring out a new training plan. This time around, I'm going to be looking for speed instead of distance, so if anyone knows a good plan to up your speed, let me know!