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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Really the post title says it all.

Hubs started his new job, which has precipitated a new schedule for us all (he's going in to work at 8 instead of 9 now.) This means early mornings, ok so 6:30...which isn't that early for a lot of people, but it is to me! Which has, in turn, translated into earlier bed times...ok so 10:30...it's been more like less sleep than earlier bed times. We really should be in bed before 10.

Add in a new diet...since we're trying the low FODMAP thing (Hubs has IBS, and we're trying to mitigate it.) The new diet has require serious amounts of cooking on my part for at least three evening meals a week. We did manage to find somewhere we could do (relatively) safe take out from, so I ended up not having to cook Friday, which was awesome.

And, the Munchkin has hit a rough patch with her sleeping habits. Her routine has been altered and that always results in some...toddler-ness from her. So we've had to drag her out of bed in the morning, fight her to put on clothes and brush her hair, usually endure a tantrum or two on our collective way out the door ( usually along the lines of "This is cereal. I want cheddar bunnies. Daddy's having cheddar bunnies!" "No hun, Daddy's eating cereal, just like you have." "CHEDDAR BUNNIES!") and then at the opposite end of the day, spend an extra half hour at bedtime as she gets out of bed, opens her door and stands at the baby gate wailing until one of us comes up to tuck her back into bed. Honestly it's not that bad, or that extreme for a toddler, I know. I also realize this is not a parenting blog, but bear with me as I rant.

All of this (and a huge lack of motivation I'm sure) has combined into another week without exercise. Oh sure, I did a 5 minute arm video at one point, and some crunches here and there while watching tv, but really, nothing substantial until yesterday.

Yesterday, while home with my daughter (Wednesdays I go into work late) I managed half an hour of 10 minute videos. I worked my arms, abs and Legs.

I have not run since the fourth.

I feel frustrated and lazy, simultaneously. I know, if I could just make myself get up earlier, I could get some exercise in to start the day, but I'm so damn tired in the mornings right now as it is. The idea of loosing even 15 minutes of sleep (as happened this morning) makes me irrationally angry. (Seriously, I had to work at not snapping at the Hubs for waking me up before I absolutely HAD to be awake. Have I ever mentioned I'm not a morning person?)

I know I could (theoretically) get some exercise in at night, in the hour between when the Munchkin goes to bed and when I need to be in bed, but after the sprint that comes from the "Pick up from day care, cook dinner/get dinner on the table, get the Muchkin in bed" whirlwind, by the time she's asleep all I want to do is relax for a moment and then get my own butt in bed.

I'm trying to figure out a way to carve more time into our schedule, to find time for me to lace up and enjoy this awesome weather we've been having. It feels like a impossibility right now, but that might just be the frustration and exhaustion talking. I'm hoping, as we get used to this new schedule, things start to even out for us, and I can start cramming workouts in all the empty spaces again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stutter step start

Well, my recommitment to fitness is not going as well as I'd hoped. Sunday I got a lot of "activity" in (lots and lots of walking) but ended up falling asleep around 9:30, which is super early for me. Then Monday, I didn't do anything because I fell asleep at 8:30. Yes, me of the late night runs and trouble getting to bed before 11 fell asleep at 8:30.

Tuesday was a wash, we had too much to do. We are still adjusting to our new schedule (Hubs got a new job that starts at 8 instead of 9, and is close enough to my office and the daycare that we've been carpooling.) We also had to pick up one of the cars from the Mechanics and head over to the in-laws for dinner. I'm sure I could have made time in there somewhere if I'd tried harder, but honestly I was still weirdly tired all day tuesday ( and after getting nine hours of sleep monday night too!)

This morning I did manage to get my butt in gear in time to get about 15 minutes of videos in. One 10 minute arm workout and one five minute ab workout. I'm hoping to get a short run in tonight after the munchkin is in bed, or at the very least, do a few more videos to round myself out to half an hour of activity.

On the nutrition front, I've been doing...eh...ok. I was about 200 calories over my limit both monday and tuesday, but I try to cut myself some slack when I'm just starting a new diet, otherwise I end up feeling starving hungry and crashing and burning with the diet. The real challenge with this will be the weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Making the call

As hard as the decision was to make, now that it's made I feel a million times better. I decided this weekend to not register for the "goal" race from my training group, a half marathon being run on Sept. 21st. I have also deferred my registration for my original goal race, The Wineglass Half, until next year.

I had a lot of reasons that I shouldn't run either race: I had injured my leg in August, I had not been following my training plan in about a month, I still don't know what caused my fainting spell early in the summer, and my heart was just not in it.

I had one big reason I wanted to run both: I had said I would.

I thought a lot about my reasons, and had a discussion with my mom which went kinda like this (paraphrased): "Well, can you do it?" "Physically? Yeah I can finish the distance..." "Ok, but how would you feel at the end?" "I don't know." "So you could go out there, have a horrible run, and feel awful about yourself and running, Or you can not do it, and still enjoy running?" "Basically." "Ok, don't do it."

And really she had the only important point in my entire discussion with myself over it. I *could* do it, but it might be the last run I do for a long time if I do, and do I really want that?

So I'm canning the races. I'm scaling back on my running for a while, adding in more cross training, and resetting my sights on the same spring half I ran this year.

All that being said, This weekend was a very active one!

Saturday, while my daughter napped, I decided to try out a new fitness app Popsugar Active (you can also get it for the iPhone here.) I thought it would be a good way to start my new commitment to cross training (read: everything that is not running.)

I really liked the way they had their video's organized, and the fact that most of them were short 10 minute mini-workouts. I stacked up four of them: Waistband Relief (5:00) Arm Jiggle (10:00) Lazy Girl (10:00) Vinyasa Flow (10:00). I really liked that by the time I was ready to quit, I was almost done with the video, so was able to push myself to finish it out. The Vinyasa flow was intense, and I had to modify a few poses. In all, by the end of my 35 minutes, I was tired and sweaty, and I'm still a little sore from it two days later!

I felt like a slacker still, so I hopped on the treadmill to get in as much running as I could before my daughter woke up, which turned out to be 20 minutes. I ran for right around 1.6 miles, and varied my pace quite a bit to keep my legs active. Not a bad short run, but nothing to write home about.

Funny story, when she woke up my daughter came and stood in the doorway watching me run on the treadmill. She was talking and I couldn't hear what she was saying so I paused the treadmill to let her talk. She got upset, and started signing "more" and saying "run mommy!" So I started running again, and she grinned and just watched for a bit, waving at me occasionally.

So that's where I'm at. This month is going to be about cross training, and getting the love back with the running. I'm also recommitting to watching what I eat, I'm back to logging my food at MyFitnessPal again. We'll see where I'm at by the end of the month, and then I'll decide on a training plan with a goal of the Flower City Half in the spring.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall Down Seven Times...

I ran last night. It was the first time since Maine. I can tell myself I took the time off to rest my leg and to make sure it was healthy, but honestly, I just fell off the wagon. I was too busy, too stressed, too everything to fit in runs.

And if I'm honest, a lot of it was that I was just burnt out. The training schedule that I had been trying to keep for the half marathon had completely worn away my love of the run.

I fell off the schedule about a month ago, and despite my best efforts, could not get myself back on it.

Last night I decided that I needed to run. It had been too long. I needed to see if my legs would be able to carry me in the half that is coming up in....two weeks now.

I have to admit I was a little nervous stepping on the treadmill. I had no idea how the run was going to go. I had decided to take it easy, and just do a short run. It was late, so I didn't want to do a full hour, but I really wanted to get in more than a half hour. I decided on aiming for 45 minutes.

I put on Fringe and set the treadmill to "easy". Surprisingly (to me) the run felt good. Comfortable, until the end, when I started getting overly warm in the stuffy back room the treadmill is in.

I cut the run at 46 minutes (one past my 45 minute goal) mostly because I didn't want to push it on my first run back. I was still worried that the pain in my shin would return post-run.

I did some stretching, some foam rolling, and a few gentle yoga poses (yay pigeon prep!) and then sat around and watched football until bed.

I'm happy to report that my legs are pain free today. I'm going to wait until after my Saturday long run to decide if my legs are really up to a half, but it's looking good right now.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Good, Bad and Ugly of the past few weeks

Lets start with the good.

I got two AMAZING runs in while on vacation in Maine. The island where I was staying had some serious elevation (one of my runs hit both 4 feet above sea level and 93 feet above sea level, and fluctuated between the two often!)

The first run, I had some issues right off the bat with my phone not finding the GPS signal, and not giving me accurate information while I was running. I got a few "Speed: Not Moving"followed by crazy fast times. So I just kinda ran an out and back at a comfortable pace. It was our second day on the island and I figured it was a good way to get acquainted with running on the island.

Since I didn't really know where I was going, I just kept taking the left option at every fork I came to, regardless of whether it took me higher or lower. I was rewarded with some awesome long climbs, some stunning views, the discovery of where one of the "Swimming quarries" was, and (right around where I decided to turn around) finding one of the working farms on the island.

On the run back I stopped to take a picture of one of the stunning views, but other than that, I did not have to stop or walk at all on the run. I felt comfortable during the run. I was able to enjoy the views, and reveled in the distinct smell of pine forest and ocean air combining.

When I got back to the cabin I was pleasantly surprised by my distance. 5.34 miles. Not bad for my first run on the killer hills on the island.

The next run I got in was on Tuesday. My SIL was out and wanted to do a run, so I did a two mile out and back, dropped her off and then kept running. The first two miles ended up being really fast. I'm horrible at pacing and with someone else there, I naturally run a little faster.

She just started running, and hasn't done a lot of hills. I felt kind of bad when, at the turn around, she had to ask me to slow down for her. She hadn't shown any signs of needing to slow down before that, but I know how it is when you don't want to be the first one to ask for a break. She hung tough though, and finished out the two miles.

The views made the hills (mostly) worth it.
I dropped her off at the turn off for the cabin we were staying at and kept going. I ran until I ran out of pavement, then turned around and headed back. I was purposefully not avoiding hills, and when I was short of milage (I had a goal of five miles) I ran up and down the hill by the turn off for our cabin.

Both runs felt great. For the first time in...well ever...The hills did not sap my strength. I was able to power up them and (in the words of one of the running coaches I've had lately) "Float over the top." I felt powerful, and fast, and free. When I got home I was not exhausted or drained, I was energized.

I had plans for more runs on the island, but they got side tracked, mostly, by all the good things that come with a huge family and lots of places to hike.

Now the bad.

I haven't run since the island. Not a single step. Part of it has been that we got incredibly busy when we got back, both catching up after vacation and preparing for the next out of town excursion (This weekend, to Chicago, for my BROTHERS WEDDING YAY!!!!) The other reason is....

The Ugly.

I seem to have somehow injured myself. The day after the last run I did on the island, I noticed a shooting pain going up my shin when I walked. It was most notable when I was going down stairs. I didn't think much of it, figured I'd rest up for a day or two, and it would resolve itself. Except it hasn't. I still notice some pain when walking, and still get shooting pains up my shin when I'm going down stairs (landing on the balls of my feet.) I don't have time to see the doctor this week (see above note about my BROTHER GETTING MARRIED!!!!) so an accurate diagnosis will have to wait, however, I'm not taking any chances on making it worse. I'm going to try for some short runs this week/weekend (I really want to run the lakeshore in Chicago while I'm there.)

I'm almost definitely dropping out of the half marathon training group I'm in. With less than a month to go, there is no way I can sync back up with the plan and follow it through to the half marathon.

I think, if I heal up in the next week or so, I can get myself ready for the race on my own. Maybe. That's a call I'll have to make closer to game day. We'll see.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to Life, Back to Reality

We got back from Vacationing in Maine last night. I have so much to post about, I need to get it all organized and do a huge post.

There was a lot of hiking, relaxing, and lobster eating.

I actually managed to get two runs in during the week of vacation. That makes me a real runner, right?

Monday, August 4, 2014

A good couple runs, and a scare.

So I'm not doing the greatest keeping the blog updated...But I am managing to keep most of my running schedule.

Wednesday there was no run. I really do not have time for a run on Wednesday, even with trying to get up early. I get up, the kidlet gets up, it's all over.

Thursday, I hit the treadmill late, around 8:30, after the kidlet was in bed. I had four miles on the schedule, but I had missed a seven mile run on wednesday, so I decided to see if I could cram in some extra milage. I started out keeping the treadmill on "slow and steady", but I was watching Fringe, so whenever an exciting chase would come on, I'd bump up the speed and cruise for a bit. I really wasn't trying for any sort of speed or interval pace, so I guess you could call this a Fartlek run? I ended up hitting five miles right around one hour in, and realized that it was getting late. I needed to get off the treadmill and try to wind down enough to fall asleep, so I called it at the five mile mark.

Saturday, I was supposed to go to the Long Group Run, however, I was in rough shape when I woke up. Friday Night we had opted to go out to dinner with friends, something we haven't done in a long time. It was awesome to get out without the child for a bit, however it resulted in a late bedtime (11:30) and apparently a hangover (Two drinks, really?!) So I spent Saturday recovering.

Sunday, I did my postponed long run. I had eight miles on the calendar. I started out on my normal "long run" route, from my house to my parents. The first mile sucked, and then I got into my rhythm, and the next four miles felt awesome. I kept thinking about the last run, and how awful it felt, and how much of a difference the weather made in my run. It was cool, humid, but cloudy, so the humidity didn't feel awful.

Around mile six I started having to work for it. It wasn't awful, but I made the decision to deviate from my normal route (Up off the canal path through the village and to my parents house) mainly because of the thought of facing the long uphill at the end. I decided to stay on the Canal path past Pittsford. Right after Shoen Place in Pittsford, the trail stops being paved and turns into a really nice, freshly graded, gravel path, with plenty of shade. I finished out my milage doing a short out and back along that part of the trail, then called my Dad for a pick up. I ended up walking an extra half mile-ish to meet my Dad.

I ran the 8 miles a little slow (average pace 13:24) but I ended feeling good, and without walking.

Then the scariness happened. So, I have some sort of undiagnosed vertigo problem. I've been to the doctor several times to figure out what it is, but they've, so far, been unable to figure out what causes my occasionally intense bouts of dizziness. The most recent thought was that it was migraines, sans pain. Last night, well after the run, (and a shower, and dinner, and grocery shopping), I stood up from the couch, walked about three feet, and promptly realized I was about to pass out. I managed to hold onto the baby gate between our living and dining room and put my head down long enough for the Hubs to come over and "help" me to the floor. I was sitting, leaning against him when I apparently did pass out. I came to lying on my back on the floor, with a very worried Husband checking my pulse. The dizziness was in full effect after that, and I ended up just going to bed super early to try to shake it.

I do not believe the dizziness was related to the run, although it may have had something to do with the soreness in my shoulders and back from carrying the camelback. However, this is the first time I have actually passed out from it, so I'm going to be calling my doctor and pushing for some answers.