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Friday, April 22, 2016

The lost year

That's what I'm going to call it. "The Lost Year." This past year (and change) was more than a doozy, it was everything you don't want a year to be. There were some bright points, usually associated with my daughter, but there were so very many dark moments.

Let's do a brief recap shall we?

  • Shortly after the half marathon last year my running ground to a halt (or rather a slow trickle) as I battled weird fatigue and more random body issues.
  • I quit my job and got a new one, which was supposed to help me free up time and money since it was only three days a week (more about that later.)
  • Within a four week span the following happened:
    • My uncle died.
    • My Husband's Grandmother (whom I was very close to) died.
    • My SIL was diagnosed with Cancer.
  • One of my mentors, the Sensei at the first Dojo I attended, died unexpectedly in January.
  • About a month into my new job, my fatigue and muscle soreness intensified mysteriously, leading me on a many month journey through multiple doctors and tests that cost a great deal of money culminating in:
  • About a month ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. 

So yeah. On top of all of that, the shiny new job that was supposed to allow me the freedom to not only be at home with my daughter more often, but also to actually find the time to exercise and eat out? Yeah, kinda sucks.  So I'm on the job hunt again, and finally, it seems, finding my way out of "The Lost Year."

I'm back at Karate, although at a new Dojo. I'm running again, and have even found a running buddy to keep me going. My daughter is now old enough to be taking random sports classes, and is keeping me busy between her dance class and her karate class. Nothing quite like having your almost-four-year old showing you how it's done on the Judo mat!

Ok so I typed this up a week ago, and forgot to hit publish. So I'm going to hit that now, and see about getting back into this blog again. I miss having this outlet!