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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 Weeks! Half Way!

I am half way through this pregnancy. It's very hard to believe, especially when I still have moments where I forget I'm pregnant. These usually (always) happen when I am sitting down, and am immersed in some activity, like work. Right now though, Baby Girl is kicking me quite ferociously to keep me from forgetting about her.

The movement thing is another new development. Feeling movement that I Know is movement from Baby girl. It's such an odd and wonderful feeling.

This past Friday I decided to go into the Dojo, they were doing an "open workout" and I figured it would be good to go in and just practice my Kata and maybe practice with my Bo. Oh man, doing Kata was so much harder than I thought it would be! My legs were on fire about half an hour in. Also, I cannot lift my knee above my waist without hitting my belly, so all of my kicks were super low. I felt all kinds of awkward and tired really fast. I was glad I went though, even when later I got paranoid I'd hurt Baby Girl, since she was really quiet for the rest of the night and the next day.

I also was under the weather a few days this week, including last night when I started to panic about being sick. It started at work where I got really hot and no matter how much water I drank, or how many layers of clothes I took off (hey I had to stay somewhat clothed, I was at work!) I just couldn't cool off. And I had a headache. And I hurt all over. I got really scared there was something wrong. I took some acetaminophen, ate some smashed potatoes and few frozen fruit bars, and went to bed early. This morning, after sleeping about 10 hours, I feel fine. And Baby Girl is kicking away, so luckily it was nothing.

I've noticed I overheat easily, It's happened a few times, like this past Saturday when we started our Registry at BuyBuyBaby. By the time we left the cold air outside felt so freaking good, I almost didn't want to get in the car. I still can't believe I actually have a baby registry full of things for my baby girl. 

On the Baby Knitting front, I'm just chugging along on the Baby blanket I started, although I recently discovered Pinterest, and now have a million ideas of things I want to make for Baby Girl. This weekend I'm going to try to make a custom roman shade for her room. The instructions look relatively easy, the only thing I need to figure out is how to make the pull cord baby safe. This weekend we're also going to dismantle the desk that's currently taking up most of that room. Small steps towards making it a really nursery.

I can't wait till June. I love my little baby girl so much already.

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