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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 19

It's a girl! We found out on Tuesday. Somehow knowing the gender makes it more real. It's nice to be able to refer to "her" instead of "it". My mother was so excited when I told her she just whooped and cried and said "I knew it! Girls run strong in this family!"

I've been carrying the Ultrasound picture around with me, and just staring at it. In one of the pictures she's sucking her thumb. You can see the profile of her nose. I wonder already what she looks like. I wonder what color her eyes are, what color her hair is. Will she have curly hair like her daddy?

I'm starting to feel movement occasionally, and Baby Girl is always super active whenever we see her on the Ultrasound screen. I wonder if she'll be as energetic when she's born.

Now that we know to expect a Baby Girl, I can finish a few knitting projects with ribbons, buttons and ties to match. I've been working on a second baby blanket in this awesome waffle weave patern I've used for burp clothes and wash clothes already.

One of our friends, who has a little girl that's about 10 months now, just gave us a whole load of baby stuff. A bassinet, clothes, swaddling blankets, and a couple regular blankets. We haven't even set up a registry yet and we've got a room full of stuff for Baby Girl.

I had my first "I have to have it now" craving last night, I needed waffles. Just waffles with butter and syrup. I tried to ignore it, and I ended up getting really anxious and uncomfortable. So DH was amazing and made me pancakes (we don't have a waffle iron), and that did the trick. It was awful trying to ignore the craving! 

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