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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Counting down till the Half Marathon.

Ugh. Nothing screws up your schedule worse than a sick kid. The good news is I've still been running. I got a good solid four miles in on Friday, the first mile of which was done pushing the jogging stroller, and at my husbands pace (tall husband runs fast) so in my mind it counts double :P. I also got a quick four miles in on the treadmill last night, although my app was all wonky again so I'm not sure what my actual pace or real distance was.

I've got one more run in me (either thursday or friday) and then it'll be time to rest up for Sunday.

I'm not nervous.

Not at all.


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  1. Training with a sick kid sucks, that is true! Glad you got some running in. So excited for your half! Woo hoo!