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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sometimes you forget to hit start

It's been another one of those weeks, where my runs need to take a back seat to other things in life, like a sick kid and a sick husband.

I did manage to get a run in on tuesday, albeit a treadmill run. I set up with my lap top to watch Young Justice (Yes I'm a geek, and yes it's a cartoon ^_^), set the treadmill to my usual cruising speed, hit record on nike+ and started running.

I kinda lost track of time, and ended up watching two full episodes. I was half listening for the little voice to chime in from my arm to tell me I'd hit three miles, but never heard it. When I started paying attention again at the end of the second episode, I noticed I had been running for right around 42 minutes.

I kinda did a double take at that, seeing as I hadn't heard from my app, and there was no way I hadn't hit a mile yet. Also, I was running late for dinner, so I called it at that, and slowed to a walk for cool down. Then I checked my phone.

Yeah, I hadn't actually started the run on the app. Oops.

Oh well, so I don't have the stats for the run, but I ran for about 42 minutes at a comfortable pace, and my lungs didn't bother me at all. So it's all good.

I missed my run on Thursday (see note about sick family), but I'm planning on making up for it tonight. Going to try to keep it light and easy for the rest of the week and a bit until the half. Hopefully my lungs will have cleared out completely by then.

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