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Friday, May 2, 2014

First Post-Half Run

Getting ready to run
I made the decision the day of the half that I would give myself a few days rest, and then get back to it. Thursday the weather looked nice, so The Hubs and I packed up our daughter and headed up to Cobbs Hill to do a short easy run. The idea was just to get my legs moving, and take stock of how they were recovering.

Always an awesome view up there!
The run went alright at first, my legs felt good, not tired or sore. Then the Hubs handed the jogging stroller off to me, and within the first quarter mile, my left calf started to cramp up. I slowed my pace up a lot, but after about a half mile I was ready to call it quits. I handed the stroller off to my Husband, and the cramping in my calf eased almost immediately. We did another loop and again, as soon as he passed the stroller back to me, my calf started cramping up, so we finished out the loop we were on and called it quits.

When we were walking back to the car I started trying to stretch my calf out, and I noticed that there is a swollen spot on the outside edge of my left calf, about halfway down. I can still feel it today, and actually can still visually see it when comparing it to my other calf. So yeah, I'm gonna put it up tonight and ice that sucker.

We did manage to finish out two miles on the run, which isn't bad for a shake down run I guess. Not super happy with the split pace, but I think pushing the stroller took a huge toll on me. I actually think that the way my gate changes when I'm pushing the stroller, combined with still tired legs, is what caused the ouchie calf.

 I'm going to try for another easy run this weekend, then next week it's back to it, fer realz.

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  1. Love the view!
    Sorry the calf is acting up. Rest that up and take it easy!