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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lilac 10K Race Report

I know, i know, I'm just getting around to this now! This past Sunday, most of my family ran in the Lilak 10k. This was an amazing feat for many reasons, Let me count them out for you!

1) Last year, my goal race was the Lilak 5k. Finishing it totally wrecked me. This year I ran the 10k with ease (although not fast!)

2) My Father, who ran with us, had not run in YEARS, and only started training for this in January!

3) My mother, who has Multiple Sclerosis, is completely confined to a wheelchair. My amazing brother (the Ironman!) pushed her the entire 10k in a special ordered wheelchair.

Right before the finish!  My brother is pushing my Mom, with my Dad then Me and my (soon to be) Sister in Law!
Also, I have to say, this is not an easy course! Most of the first half is downhill, followed by a flat-ish section, and then UPHILL for most of the last half of the race.

The weather was amazing. It was cool, but not cold, partly sunny, and there was only a light breeze. We let my Dad set the pace, and he did AWESOME! I have no idea what our splits were, since I left my phone at home, and just ran for the fun of it, but at mile one there was a guy calling out times and I think we were right around a 13 min/mile. We kept a relatively consistent pace, with occasional walk breaks, and finished in 1:26:52. It was awesome crossing the finish line as a family! We even made the news!
We made the news!

This was the first race that I've run where I wasn't pushing my limits. I was able to run at a conversation pace, and have a great time enjoying the scenery and conversation with my Family. I felt awesome at the end of the race. I even had enough left in my legs that when we passed my Husband and Daughter, I sprinted over to give them kisses before rejoining my family for the finish.

The crowd suport along the race was awesome as well. There was a large group of people around the point where the course rejoined itself that were all dressed in crazy colorful costumes. Right around the half way point there was a large contingent from Fleet Feet out to cheer everyone on.  Of course, since the finish line for the race was smack in the middle of the Lilac Festival there was a HUGE crowd cheering at the finish.

My only complaint is that the middle section did not have enough water stops. It seemed like all the water was clustered along the first few and last few miles, with only a couple water stops along the (very hot sunny) flat stretch in the middle. I was glad I had my handheld with me!

It was really so much fun, and we've decided we're going to make it a tradition, and next year we're dragging Hubs into it, and I'll push our Daughter in a stroller!

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  1. Oh wow what an awesome race experience! I got goosebumps! Congrats to your whole family!