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Monday, August 4, 2014

A good couple runs, and a scare.

So I'm not doing the greatest keeping the blog updated...But I am managing to keep most of my running schedule.

Wednesday there was no run. I really do not have time for a run on Wednesday, even with trying to get up early. I get up, the kidlet gets up, it's all over.

Thursday, I hit the treadmill late, around 8:30, after the kidlet was in bed. I had four miles on the schedule, but I had missed a seven mile run on wednesday, so I decided to see if I could cram in some extra milage. I started out keeping the treadmill on "slow and steady", but I was watching Fringe, so whenever an exciting chase would come on, I'd bump up the speed and cruise for a bit. I really wasn't trying for any sort of speed or interval pace, so I guess you could call this a Fartlek run? I ended up hitting five miles right around one hour in, and realized that it was getting late. I needed to get off the treadmill and try to wind down enough to fall asleep, so I called it at the five mile mark.

Saturday, I was supposed to go to the Long Group Run, however, I was in rough shape when I woke up. Friday Night we had opted to go out to dinner with friends, something we haven't done in a long time. It was awesome to get out without the child for a bit, however it resulted in a late bedtime (11:30) and apparently a hangover (Two drinks, really?!) So I spent Saturday recovering.

Sunday, I did my postponed long run. I had eight miles on the calendar. I started out on my normal "long run" route, from my house to my parents. The first mile sucked, and then I got into my rhythm, and the next four miles felt awesome. I kept thinking about the last run, and how awful it felt, and how much of a difference the weather made in my run. It was cool, humid, but cloudy, so the humidity didn't feel awful.

Around mile six I started having to work for it. It wasn't awful, but I made the decision to deviate from my normal route (Up off the canal path through the village and to my parents house) mainly because of the thought of facing the long uphill at the end. I decided to stay on the Canal path past Pittsford. Right after Shoen Place in Pittsford, the trail stops being paved and turns into a really nice, freshly graded, gravel path, with plenty of shade. I finished out my milage doing a short out and back along that part of the trail, then called my Dad for a pick up. I ended up walking an extra half mile-ish to meet my Dad.

I ran the 8 miles a little slow (average pace 13:24) but I ended feeling good, and without walking.

Then the scariness happened. So, I have some sort of undiagnosed vertigo problem. I've been to the doctor several times to figure out what it is, but they've, so far, been unable to figure out what causes my occasionally intense bouts of dizziness. The most recent thought was that it was migraines, sans pain. Last night, well after the run, (and a shower, and dinner, and grocery shopping), I stood up from the couch, walked about three feet, and promptly realized I was about to pass out. I managed to hold onto the baby gate between our living and dining room and put my head down long enough for the Hubs to come over and "help" me to the floor. I was sitting, leaning against him when I apparently did pass out. I came to lying on my back on the floor, with a very worried Husband checking my pulse. The dizziness was in full effect after that, and I ended up just going to bed super early to try to shake it.

I do not believe the dizziness was related to the run, although it may have had something to do with the soreness in my shoulders and back from carrying the camelback. However, this is the first time I have actually passed out from it, so I'm going to be calling my doctor and pushing for some answers.


  1. Oh no! A scare is no good. Here's hoping they figure out what's causing the vertigo.

  2. On no! That is quite a scare. Hope that the doc can give you some good answers!