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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stutter step start

Well, my recommitment to fitness is not going as well as I'd hoped. Sunday I got a lot of "activity" in (lots and lots of walking) but ended up falling asleep around 9:30, which is super early for me. Then Monday, I didn't do anything because I fell asleep at 8:30. Yes, me of the late night runs and trouble getting to bed before 11 fell asleep at 8:30.

Tuesday was a wash, we had too much to do. We are still adjusting to our new schedule (Hubs got a new job that starts at 8 instead of 9, and is close enough to my office and the daycare that we've been carpooling.) We also had to pick up one of the cars from the Mechanics and head over to the in-laws for dinner. I'm sure I could have made time in there somewhere if I'd tried harder, but honestly I was still weirdly tired all day tuesday ( and after getting nine hours of sleep monday night too!)

This morning I did manage to get my butt in gear in time to get about 15 minutes of videos in. One 10 minute arm workout and one five minute ab workout. I'm hoping to get a short run in tonight after the munchkin is in bed, or at the very least, do a few more videos to round myself out to half an hour of activity.

On the nutrition front, I've been doing...eh...ok. I was about 200 calories over my limit both monday and tuesday, but I try to cut myself some slack when I'm just starting a new diet, otherwise I end up feeling starving hungry and crashing and burning with the diet. The real challenge with this will be the weekend!


  1. The first few days of eating well are always difficult. It's good to have some ease in days!

  2. You can do it!

    I get the feeling over tired thing. Good luck getting into a groove!

  3. You can do it. Baby steps and small changes here and there!