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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Really the post title says it all.

Hubs started his new job, which has precipitated a new schedule for us all (he's going in to work at 8 instead of 9 now.) This means early mornings, ok so 6:30...which isn't that early for a lot of people, but it is to me! Which has, in turn, translated into earlier bed times...ok so 10:30...it's been more like less sleep than earlier bed times. We really should be in bed before 10.

Add in a new diet...since we're trying the low FODMAP thing (Hubs has IBS, and we're trying to mitigate it.) The new diet has require serious amounts of cooking on my part for at least three evening meals a week. We did manage to find somewhere we could do (relatively) safe take out from, so I ended up not having to cook Friday, which was awesome.

And, the Munchkin has hit a rough patch with her sleeping habits. Her routine has been altered and that always results in some...toddler-ness from her. So we've had to drag her out of bed in the morning, fight her to put on clothes and brush her hair, usually endure a tantrum or two on our collective way out the door ( usually along the lines of "This is cereal. I want cheddar bunnies. Daddy's having cheddar bunnies!" "No hun, Daddy's eating cereal, just like you have." "CHEDDAR BUNNIES!") and then at the opposite end of the day, spend an extra half hour at bedtime as she gets out of bed, opens her door and stands at the baby gate wailing until one of us comes up to tuck her back into bed. Honestly it's not that bad, or that extreme for a toddler, I know. I also realize this is not a parenting blog, but bear with me as I rant.

All of this (and a huge lack of motivation I'm sure) has combined into another week without exercise. Oh sure, I did a 5 minute arm video at one point, and some crunches here and there while watching tv, but really, nothing substantial until yesterday.

Yesterday, while home with my daughter (Wednesdays I go into work late) I managed half an hour of 10 minute videos. I worked my arms, abs and Legs.

I have not run since the fourth.

I feel frustrated and lazy, simultaneously. I know, if I could just make myself get up earlier, I could get some exercise in to start the day, but I'm so damn tired in the mornings right now as it is. The idea of loosing even 15 minutes of sleep (as happened this morning) makes me irrationally angry. (Seriously, I had to work at not snapping at the Hubs for waking me up before I absolutely HAD to be awake. Have I ever mentioned I'm not a morning person?)

I know I could (theoretically) get some exercise in at night, in the hour between when the Munchkin goes to bed and when I need to be in bed, but after the sprint that comes from the "Pick up from day care, cook dinner/get dinner on the table, get the Muchkin in bed" whirlwind, by the time she's asleep all I want to do is relax for a moment and then get my own butt in bed.

I'm trying to figure out a way to carve more time into our schedule, to find time for me to lace up and enjoy this awesome weather we've been having. It feels like a impossibility right now, but that might just be the frustration and exhaustion talking. I'm hoping, as we get used to this new schedule, things start to even out for us, and I can start cramming workouts in all the empty spaces again.


  1. This sounds rough! I'm not a morning person, so I end up with mostly evening runs. It's not fun and I really want to just curl up in bed most days, but I go anyways. Mostly because my current coach is mean. So maybe add some accountability to someone? And hopefully everything calms down soon

  2. Ugh is right! So sorry about the scheduling! Hopefully it will all work out soon!

  3. Oh mama, I feel ya. I truly feel ya. I'm sorry your schedule is out of wack. Here's hoping Munchkin adjusts soon.

    Can you do lunchtime stuff? Walking on my lunch has made me a better person. Even if I can't get a run in, I can at least walk for a half hour. Not a huge calorie burner but better than nothing.