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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another lost week

Really, it's not a big deal, and for the first time that I've run into one of these, I actually don't feel super panicked about it. I got sick, then the Munchkin got sick, and even though she's mostly better, no day care means no time for Mommy to run. Our routine is just all thrown off, and it has me longing for summer, when a run outside with the Munchkin in the Jogging stroller would be a viable option.

However, I'm way ahead of the game on my training plan, so a lost week is no big deal.

The funny thing is that I think my legs are less happy with me from running up and down the stairs while home with my daughter than they've been after any of the long runs this training cycle.

In other news, after campaigning for a stand desk at work for a while (and getting promises that one is coming eventually,) my department took matters into our own hands and "made" ourselves some stand desks. Yes, I am working with my computer on a box.

So today is day two of having a (somewhat) working stand desk, with it set up for me to be able to sit comfortably as well. I'm super happy about this too, which is weird because it's such a small thing. I really do feel that it's going to make a difference in my overall health though.


  1. I'm glad you are not letting this bump in your training plan freak you out!
    Congrats on your stand desk!

  2. Oh wow I'd love to see my work get one of those stand desks too! Hope you guys are all feeling better!