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Monday, February 16, 2015


I cracked ten miles on my long run this week. It was a super rough run too.

My schedule the past week was M: Rest, T: 4 miles, W:Rest, Th: 3 miles, F: Rest, Sat: 5 miles, Sun: 10 freaking miles.

So my legs were tired already from the five on saturday. And I've been having insomnia, and was super sleepy. And my daughter took a long time going down for a nap, and and and....I had so many reasons not to do this run. Or not to finish it.

Instead I plugged myself into the laptop with netflix streaming fringe and just went. I tried so very hard to ignore where I was in the run, to just almost forget the fact that I was running at all.

My legs were tired (I said that already didn't I?) and my calves started to protest around mile five, but my lungs were fine. In fact the only real issue was that my legs felt increasingly heavy the whole run.

I finished the run, exhausted, and then (because I am a parent and a spouse) went grocery shopping.

Today my legs hate me, even though I'm rocking the compression socks. I see a foam roller and some advil in my future.

I'm also super nervous because this is the point in my training where the wheels have come off in the past. My longest run before my first half marathon was just shy of 10 miles. (around 9 1/2 I think) and then my longest run with the FF training group was  8 miles.

So now, with the exception of the half marathon, I'm running these distances for the first time. Next week's long run is a 12 miler. I crashed and burned at mile 11 of the Half. I am super nervous about where I am in my training, especially since none of these runs have been outside. The conditions around here are too nasty right now for me to risk it. (Snow everywhere, no sidewalks, very little shoulder left on the roads, and of course I'm usually running after dark.) I'm trying to trust the training, but it's so so hard when I've fallen apart twice already.

Here's hoping third time's a charm.


  1. TRUST THE TRAINING! You are doing an awesome job! What pace are you supposed to be running for your long run? The trianing plan I use recommends long runs be slower than your normal pace, you should be able to hold a convo at that pace. Is yours anything like that?

  2. You've totally got this. The biggest thing is exactly what Meg said: trust the training. You've done the work and now just enjoy the rewards!