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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I can feel it in the air tonight....Winter is coming.

My first week of training was going great, until I ran head long into a flare. I kept trying to push through the flare to get shit done, which I think only made things worse. So bad in fact that by Monday I was bed bound for most of the day.


I'm moving forward to week two of the training plan anyways, although I did leave off the "strides" at the end of my run today. I wasn't just being lazy either, it was a rough run.

It was cold outside, not as cold as it's going to be, but cold enough that I layered up; tank, t-shirt and long sleeves on top, long running pants, and a buff to pull up over my mouth to keep from ending up with what I'm calling "runner's cough." It was not enough. Fer serious, I was wishing for another layer, like a windbreaker, and some ear warmers.

It was visually beautiful out, which helped ease some of the discomfort, until right around my turn around point (at about 1.5 miles, give or take...I like to leave some room to walk to cool down at the end,) when the wind picked up. I swear it was in my face both directions.

At one point the wind was blowing hard enough to slow me down to what most likely looked like someone attempting to recreate the 80's dance "The Running Man." I swear I was practically standing still, no matter how hard I pushed.

The wind did let up again after a half mile that felt like ten, and I was able to slug out the rest of my 3 miles. Barely. I really did not have anything left in the tank to put into those "strides" (which are really just 30 second sprints with rests in between.)

I'll add them onto a different run later in the week.

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  1. Running into the wind should count as double the distance!

    Sorry about your flare. What you said. Suck.