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Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Derailment, Monday back on track

Isn't that how it always goes? I was doing so well last week, and then *bam* Friday night I go out and derail myself.

We went out friday night to a work function for the Hubs, a work function at a bar (drink one - a can of beer), then headed over to this really cool Halloween themed fundraiser for a local art gallery (drink two - spiked mulled cider), then since we hadn't eaten yet we headed over to a cool resturaunt/bar nearby for food and a drink (drink three - strawberry spritzer, and food - crabcake and fried calamari). We rounded out the night at a friends place hanging out till two am watching bad cartoons (drink three and a half - about a half glass of bad desert wine.)

It didn't seem like a wild night until the next morning...or rather, two o'clock the next afternoon, which was when I managed to drag my butt out of bed. I was completely non-functional until then, and it didn't feel like your run of the mill hangover. I had a headache, yes, but mostly I was extremely fatigued and my muscles were totally locked up. I'm guessing the combination of drinking, too little/not so healthy food, and upending my sleeping schedule triggered a flare. Luckily I was able to walk the Munchkin down to the diner near us for milkshakes (a pre-promised Saturday outing) and afterwards I was, for the most part, ready to go.

Sunday we had a cool day at the Zoo for "Zoo Boo" planned, the kids get to go "trick or treating" in costume at the zoo. We were having a good time, and even though I could still feel a bit of fatuigue, my body was holding up. Then while we were sitting eating lunch at the "cafe" by the lions, disaster struck. The Hubs, who is non-life threateningly allergic to bees, got stung. In the Neck.

A few panicked minutes later (got ice, applied ice, searched the zoo futilely for Benadryl, left the Munchkin with my parents and drove to Rite Aid to purchase Benadryl) we were relatively sure we wern't going to have to head to the hospital. The Hubs and I hung out in the car while my parents finished doing the "Zoo Boo" route with the Munchkin, then it was back to my Parents so we could relax and have a backup caretaker in case things took a turn for the worse.

Luckily, it seems as long as he keeps taking Benadryl, the swelling is staying down, although that's leaving the poor guy sleepy and groggy most of the time.

Today however I got myself back on track, exercise wise (and hopefully eating wise - that kinda tanked over the weekend too.) I got the dog out for his morning walk again and hit the pool.

I managed to do 11 laps this time, and it felt less sucky. My plan is to add a lap each week. Hopefully that's not too much, but is enough to help me start to loose weight again.

The other component is the eating. I keep falling down on tracking what I'm eating. I'll to great for two or three days and then I'll run into something like Family Dinner (which we have Tuesdays with the in-laws and Fridays with my parents.) I'm awful at tracking then, or when I go out. I suck at that. Especially if I'm drinking.

It's going to be rough adapting to my "new normal" where a couple of drinks is too many (Honestly! I had three and a half over a six hour period. Sheesh.)  And I have to watch not only how many calories I eat, but what kind of foods I eat (Anti-Inflammatories are my friend.)

But I am once again determined. Enough of this wallowing BS.

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  1. Blerg to the hangover, the bee, and the flare up! Glad Munchkin got her milkshake and got to trick or treat.