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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 10, and the first Ultrasound

I was really nervous when we got there. What if there was something wrong? The tech explained a few things to me, asked me a few questions, then said "We'll try to see the heart beat with an external, but if we can't find it we'll have to do an internal ultrasound." My fear ratcheted up a bit at that point, what do you mean if you can't find it?!

The tech squirted the gel on and started pushing the wand against my lower belly, and bam, there it was on the screen. Not just a heart beat. A perfect little image of our baby. I kinda just stared at the screen, awed. Then it started bopping around in there. Oh man it kept moving around so much. And it made me laugh with relief to see it. The poor Tech was trying to get the heart rate, but had a hard time between the baby bopping and me laughing. And the baby was boxing! it kept pushing it's little fists out one at a time like a jab-cross combination.

It's still so hard to believe that tiny little person is inside me.

Tomorrow, on thanksgiving, we're going to tell both sets of parents at the same time (we're all going to be in one place for dinner). Now we have a perfect little picture to show them. I think DH is going to have to make the announcement, because I'll just choke up and start to cry if I do it.

In symptom land, I've still got a good deal of nausea and exhaustion going on...along with a persistent bad taste in my mouth. I had nausea really bad on Monday, and ended up getting dehydrated. I'm going to stock up on freezer pops to help with that. My general aversion to meat continues just as strong, which kinda sucks because I normally like a burger now and then, but I guess it's helping me eat a lot of healthy green things. Fruit has also been my friend lately.

All of it is worth it though when I think about watching that little silhouette bopping around on the screen.

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