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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First official OB apointment

Today was my first appointment with my OB. Everything looked fine, nothing out of place. Got a huge packet of information and a lot of paperwork to fill out.

I scheduled my first Ultrasound for next Wednesday morning, it will be the "dating ultrasound" which will give us a more accurate due date. Hopefully we'll also get a picture to give to our parents. We're planning on making the announcements on thanksgiving.

I'm still rather nauseous, although I've managed (cross my fingers) to keep from actually throwing up for the past few days. My OB had some suggestions on foods that may help, and if the trend continues I should be feeling better by next week some time.

I am still super tired, although part of that may be the fact that I'm not really sleeping through the night very well. I have to get up at least once each night to pee (yeah i know tmi) and I usually do quite a bit of tossing and turning before falling back to sleep.

The good news is the OB gave me the thumbs up to return to (non contact) activity at the Dojo, once the pukey-ness goes away. I don't think anyone would really appreciate me inadvertently throwing up on them. I'm going to scale back how many days I go though, and pick the days carefully. Saturdays, yes, Thursdays, maybe. Mondays, maybe. I'm thinking twice a week will be all I'll be able to do, with one day a week doing a prenatal yoga video or something, and getting walks in when I can.

I really can't wait to be active again. I hate sitting around feeling like a lump. I know I'm supposed to take it easy, and listen to my body, and cut myself slack, but I just feel lazy. The fact that I don't have a baby bump yet doesn't help. Since there is no visible physical reason for me lying around all the time feeling simultaneously like I need a nap and like I need to empty my guts, I feel like maybe I'm exaggerating it, and I should just get up.

This past weekend I tried to buy some things from the maternity section at a store. As soon a I crossed that invisible (but very noticeable) line between the normal clothes and the maternity section, I wanted to bolt. I felt like a fraud, like an impostor. I do not have a belly, what am I doing in this section?! The same feeling came over me when I walked through the baby stuff section of the same store. Only it was augmented with the feeling that if I even touched any of the baby stuff I would jinx the pregnancy.


I'll get over this stuff eventually, I swear.

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