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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 11

The "morning' (ha!) sickness is still in strong effect. I've become a vegetarian by virtue of necessity, the only things I can eat reliably are salads and fruit. I'm staving off dehydration best I can with water and frozen juice pops. The bad taste in my mouth is also persisting, although I'm working around that with breath mints and gum.

I'm also still tired all the time, waking up in the mornings is getting really hard. I usually try to nap in the afternoons, but even then I'm exhausted by 10pm.

An awesome friend of ours, who sadly is moving out to Cali, just offered us this amazing crib. Their youngest just graduated to a "big girl bed", so they won't be taking it with them. It's gorgeous, and practically brand new. I'm so happy about it, and I feel so honored that they thought of us!

We go in for our 12 week Ultrasound on Monday. I'm excited for another look at our jumping bean. I honestly can't believe we're almost out of the first trimester. This Monday appointment is also the first time I've had to actually take time off of work for an appointment, and I think my boss is starting to get a little annoyed with me saying that I might be late/need time off because of a doctors appointment. I'm going to have to spill the beans soon at work, now that the word is out with the family and friends.

I'm tentatively planning on going to the "First Friday" workout at the Dojo this Friday. I'd really like to go and just run through my kata and do some practice with my bo, but everything rests on how my stomach is feeling that day.

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