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Friday, November 15, 2013

First missed run of training.

Yesterday's run did not happen. I was home with a sick toddler, and as things tend to do when the toddler is sick, the run kept getting pushed off.

"I'll do it when she naps" (spoiler she didn't nap), "I'll do it as soon as my husband gets home" (he got home late and needed me to watch her while he cooked dinner), "I'll do it after dinner" (I was so amazingly exhausted by the time we finished dinner it was all I could do to manage the clean up and get ready for bed routine.)

In the past, a slip like this was enough to completely derail any plans I had for an entire week (sometimes longer.) This time, however, I am determined. I have only missed one run. Today is an "off" day on the training plan, a day for "Prehab strength training and stretching." Tomorrow is a "short" run (only three miles. Ha.) Tonight, I will (perhaps unwisely, we shall see) go for yesterdays run. I have my running clothes packed in the car, and my parents have the toddler today, so I will change at their house and go for a run, outside, near their house.

This is going to be a challenging run, since the area around my parents house is very hilly. It's also supposed to be a four mile run, which is a pretty substantial distance to me. I have a route I can run which will net me four miles, but it includes a few hills that are most definitely going to slow my pace.

I'm not sure how advisable my deviation from my training plan is. I honestly don't know what my best course of action as far as the missed run is, however I do know that if I don't get out there and run today, it will mountains more difficult for me to run on saturday. At least if I get out there and do this run today, if I miss saturday, I will still  have only missed one run and not two.

The other concern I have is the question of whether I should repeat this week again next week, since the schedule got all messed up. I guess we'll see how I feel after Sunday's long run.

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