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Monday, November 4, 2013


Last week, after starting out so well, turned into a complete disaster. I fell off the wagon, and hit hard. We were so busy last week (halloween, multiple car emergencies), that we never really had a chance to plan or prepare a lot of healthy meals. Between that, having a hard time finding time to exercise when I wasn't completely exhausted, and Halloween itself, I gained almost a pound and a half last week.

The first sign of trouble was that I was unable to buy juice last week, since the store we had gone to did not have the fresh squeezed juice available. I figured I would take a couple days off of the juice, then find some time mid week to go buy some. That didn't happen. So no juice all week.

Exercise wise, the week started off well. I got a run in on Monday night, but then nothing. Tuesdays and wednesdays are always tough for me to schedule exercise for, our schedules those two days are just all wacky. And then Halloween, and then too tired to move friday (yes I know not an excuse,) and boom, it's the weekend and I haven't moved a muscle.

The real problem was my eating. I totally fell off the tracking wagon, which usually helps keep me honest on what I'm eating. And when I know how much I'm eating, I eat less. Without that check in place, I have a feeling I over ate at Family Dinner on Tuesday, and I *know* I overate on Halloween, indulging in (more than) a few pieces of candy, and two HUGE slices of pizza. The rest of the week I was supplementing my diet with candy. I didn't really get a handle on it again until Sunday, when I started tracking again.

I'm hoping for a good week this week. I've got my Juice for breakfast again, and I spent some time last night making salads for lunches. I have a few concrete goals for the week. First: track accurately everything I eat and drink this week. Second: Get at least three days of 30 minutes or more of intense exercise. Third (less concrete): Drink more water.

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