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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's time to start Running!

I spent all of last week getting myself back into the groove of running. Now I need to get back into the groove of blogging! 

Last weeks runs were good. Nothing spectacular, but good. I decided to repeat week 3 in my training plan, since I'm still coughing quite a bit. 

So the plan for the week was this: Monday-rest, Tuesday- 3, Wednesday- rest, Thursday- 3, Friday- rest, Saturday- 4, Sunday- 7.

 The reality went like this:

Monday: Rest and whine about how lazy I feel.

Tuesday: 3 awesome miles. Contemplate going straight to the next week on the plan for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: Rest, and congratulate myself for getting back on track.

Thursday: 3 Miles. Feeling kinda eh, and crunched for time. Feel super frustrated about the fact that I was aiming for four, but ran out of time and had to go make dinner. Decide it's not that big a deal, there were only three miles on the schedule for the week you were originally planning on doing, so we'll just repeat that week after all.

Friday: Go out for drinks with a friend, realize after two drinks and a lot of conversation just how stressed out and over scheduled you've been. Make nebulous plans to fix that. Also realize there's no way in hell you're getting up at 6am to run outside on Saturday morning with the pace group. Add in the thought that you most likely shouldn't be running outside in the cold until the cough lets up. Argue with yourself about whether or not that's just an excuse, decide it dosen't matter, since it's now after midnight.

Saturday: Get buried in housework, realize half an hour into the Munchkin's nap that I should already be on the treadmill to get my 4 miles in. Contemplate not doing the run. Argue myself onto the treadmill. Halfway through an episode of Fringe, realize you didn't start the "workout" feature on the fitbit. Start the "workout" on the fitbit and shrug. Realize shortly after that that you never started your run in the nike plus app. Decide to run until the treadmill says three miles, start the nike plus app for speed tracking and distance estimating purposes. Run for approximately 55 minutes at an approximate average speed of 11'50". Treadmill says three miles. Decide to err on the conservative side and call it about four miles. Think more seriously about replacing stupid treadmill.

Sunday: Take Midget and her BFF to the Museum and Science center along with the BFF's Parents. Have awesome time running around after two Tornado's in Toddler form. Spend too much time on the recumbent bikes that light up lights when you peddle them. Return home late for nap time, super tired. Watched the movie Running Man on TV. Midget takes a short nap, resulting in a missed run. Decide to do run on Monday.

Monday: 7 long, slow, sloggy miles. Legs are dead tired and thighs ache. Realize long after run is finished that thighs ache from the "biking" done at the Museum. Decide I need to do more biking. Super proud of finishing out those 7 miles. 

Today I'm (hopefully) back to the training plan. The rest of this weeks schedule should look like this: Tuesday- 3, Wednesday- rest, Thursday- 4, Friday- rest, Saturday- 4, Sunday- 9.

Let's see how close to it I end up.


  1. Oh man, sometimes it sucks when life gets in the way of training. The joys of motherhood and familyhood and being married and all that jazz. One of the reasons why I am not up for a marathon any time soon.

    That being said, awesome job on your running last week! Good luck kicking butt this week!