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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You understand, they got a plan for us

Tuesday was my first run now that I've officially started back on my training run. I had a nice easy 3 mile run on the schedule, but what fun is that? I decided right off the bat that I wanted to try pushing my pace a little.

I started out with a nice 3.2 on my treadmill (as i've mentioned before those numbers don't really seem to correlate to anything in the real world...but it's what I've got to work with.) I settled into my pace nice and easy and was able to cruise for the first mile.

Then I got a little crazy, deciding to push the pace a little more, to a 3.5. I was able to hold that pace for the rest of mile two, then needed to drop down to a 3.0 for a rest. After I recovered a bit, I pushed the pace back up to a 3.2, and settled back in with the intent to just cruise for the rest of the run.

Then, with about 5/10 of a mile left to go, The Hubs and Munchkin got home. I did not hear them until they opened the door which is right next to the treadmill I was running on. After I recovered from the stutter step of shock, I was treated to my daughter giving me her usual pep talk: "You running mommy? You go fast mommy? I run too mommy? Go mommy go!"

Because, at this point they were waiting on me to head to the In-laws for dinner, I started pushing the pace up, to 3.5, then 4.0, trying to just get the run done.

I was able to finish out the run with negative splits (yay!), and an average pace of 11'40" (yay!) I also did not feel completely wiped out by the run, which was cool.

I did not however have time to properly stretch at all afterwards, which was kind of a fail on my part, so my legs are a little tight today. I'm going to try to do some yoga tonight before bed to remedy that.


  1. Nothing like a toddler cheerleader to make you run faster! Awesome job on your run!

  2. Well done! Fells good to be back, doesn't it? :)