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Monday, January 19, 2015

Living Dead Girl

Uuugh. I just lost an entire week of training to the flu. First, the Hubs went down at the beginning of the week, which meant I had to skip my run on tuesday, but no bigs I thought, one missed run. Then Wednesday it got me. I went down hard wednesday night, and just started feeling human again yesterday.

I'm still coughing quite a bit and have some chest congestion, but hopefully tomorrow's short run will be enough to get me back on track.

I'm super frustrated about it too, because my first week went so well! Even the seven mile long run felt good.  I'm debating how far to dial my training back, if I should repeat the last sucessfull week in the plan, or just start with the week I "missed".

Here's hoping tomorrow's run gives me some clarity on it!


  1. Ugh boo to the flu! Glad you are feeling better. Taking it easy and letting your body tell you what to do sounds like an excellent plan.