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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First treadmill run of the season

Last night I had to make a command decision. The temps were dipping close to 40 degrees and the wind was blustery cold. I could not, in good conscience, take my daughter out on a run with me in that weather. Oh, the weather was fine if it was just me going out for a run, but not for strapping my tiny toddler into her jogging stroller and pushing her along in front of me.

My run seemed doomed.

And then, miracle of miracles, my daughter decided she wanted a nap. An unusual (of late) afternoon nap. So I plunked her down in her crib, and set about unburying the treadmill.

Over the course of the summer, the back room where the treadmill sits has continued to collect....stuff. Basically everything we don't know where to put, ends up back there. It's a problem. There were stacks of boxes surrounding the treadmill.

In a fit of inspiration while moving said boxes (which were thankfully mostly empty,) I created a tower next to the treadmill where I could, oh so carefully, perch my laptop. I had, while complaining bitterly about the boredom of treadmill runs to a colleague, had it suggested to me that I try to watch television or movies while I ran.

"Yes!" I thought, as I positioned the laptop where I could see it, "I have Netflix, I have a computer, I have cheesy television shows my husband refuses to watch, this will work!"

And it did....sort of. About halfway through my run, while struggling to hear the puny audio from my laptop, I realized I could turn on the closed captioning. That was much better. It did not, however, distract me completely from the run.

25 minutes into the run (I forgot to check how far the treadmill thought I had gone), running at a steady 3.8, I was out of juice. I just, didn't have it in me past that point. I don't know what it was ( I do have a few theories ,) but that 25 minutes on the treadmill felt so much longer and harder than the last outdoor run I did, which I suspect was way longer.

I'm happy because I actually managed to fit in a run, but I'm upset about the quality and length of that run. I'm really proud of myself for not giving in and giving up on the run, for finding a way to get some exercise in, however I'm upset with myself for not pushing through it, and finishing a full half hour. I'm hoping to get out for another run on thursday, but it may end up being a treadmill day because of scheduling. Saturday I will most definitely be outside running.

The juicing is going so so. I was doing great this week, until today. The juice I had for breakfast today was vile. It tasted so bad it was making me ill to drink it. I choked down as much as I could (not much) and tossed the rest. What a waste. I'm going to have to make a late night trip on my way home from work tonight to pick up more juice somewhere, or risk not having any in the morning again.

I have been sticking to my WW points through this week so far. I made the effort to only have a small helpings at dinner last night, even though I did have a small brownie and a small scoop of ice cream, I managed to stay right around my points limit.

I have a hard goal deadline now. My brother and his fiance set a date for their wedding, and I really want to have lost at least a significant portion of the weight by then. Luckily for me, they chose August 30th, so I have 10 entire months (and some change) to hit my goal.

If I keep on the trajectory I'm on now (loosing about a 1/2 lb a week) I'll have lost 20 lbs by then, which is only about half way to my goal weight. So I have to kick it up a bit, try to up the weight loss to a whole pound each week. Yikes.

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