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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awful, no good, very bad run.

I may have lost my mind. Yesterday, in a fit of madness and optimism following my perhaps ill advised registration for the Wineglass Marathon, I signed up for my first half marathon - To be run in April.  I did some quick calculations, and based on my progress with my training plan so far, I will hit half marathon distance long before the race. I've felt relatively good at the end of each of my increasingly long "long" runs, even with the disaster of a run that happened last saturday, so I was feeling really (over)confident in my abilities when I signed up for the race.

Last night I had an "easy" three mile run on the schedule (I still am not entirely comfortable calling a three mile run "easy".) Our weekly dinner with my in-laws had been moved to my sister-in-law's place. My husband decided to wait for me so we could drive together and also so that we could get the highchair and all the paraphernalia a kid requires to their house. I was feeling some time pressure to get the run over with so we could get there, so I planned on trying to run the miles a little faster than normal to get the run over quickly.

I got on the treadmill and put on a movie and started running. My legs felt like crud. Not heavy or achey, just, like they had no umph in them.
At first I thought it was maybe that I wasn't into the movie I was watching, and so was focusing on all the ways I didn't want to be running, but the feeling persisted even after I switched to a new movie.

I focused on just getting through the run. I kept pushing the pace to try to just get it done. By the time I hit three miles, i was completely done, and totally demoralized. I had just signed up for a half marathon and here I was struggling with three miles.

With a little distance between me and the run, I realize my legs were most likely still shot from the weekend. This run should have been a "recovery" run, and I should have kept the pace nice and slow. I did however end up with negative splits, which I'm pretty happy about.

My legs feel fine today, and today is a rest day on the schedule, so I'm hopeful that tomorrow's run will go much better than yesterday's.

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