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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A great short run in amazing weather with good company!

I was running late and had a hard time finding parking, so my SIL was already there by the time I got to Cobbs Hill. This meant I wouldn't get in any extra milage, so I decided to run up the hill, and go the long way around to meet up with her, which would result in me getting an extra lap in.

That hill is rough. It's steep and goes on for ever. I had to walk for a little bit about half way up, but I made it. I pushed myself faster around the top for the lap to meet up with my SIL, I have no idea how fast I was going, but it was definately faster than I normally run.

I met up with my SIL, who had brought along her new puppy, and off we went, at an easy pace. I was still a little out of breath from my slog up the hill and my sprint around the loop, but with the easy pace my breathing calmed down quickly.

The weather was amazing, and it was so much fun running with the puppy! We did three laps around the top with a couple walk breaks before heading back to the car. I'm really proud of my SIL, she's improved so much in just one week!

I still had a lot left in my legs when we finished, in fact I found I was just starting to settle into the run by the time we finished. I think it's a side effect of running the longer distances, that I'm starting to really just get comfortable around mile three. Mile one is a slog, mile two is iffy, mile three starts to feel smooth.

Unfortunately when I checked my phone at one of our walk breaks, I noticed it hadn't started recording, so I don't know how fast (or exactly how far) we ran. I do know each loop was 0.69 miles, and we did three full loops together, and I did one extra loop and the up and down hill, so I did right around 3 miles, give or take.

The weather looks like it'll be good for the rest of the week, so hopefully I'll be able to get outside for a couple runs. I might try to add a short run in on friday.

The running group is doing a "newbies" short run this sunday that I think I'm going to show up to, since it'll be a recovery run after my long run saturday, I won't be moving too fast.

I feel a little better about my running after tuesdays run, but I'm still nervous about how my long run this saturday will feel. I'm going to aim for ten miles. I'm hoping it doesn't completely wipe me out.

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