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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Run of the Year!

Last night I did my last run for 2014. It was very anti-climatic for a last run, partly because I didn't realize before hand that it would be the last run of the year.

In preparation for my new years goals (which I'll get to later) I set up an alert in my google calendar to have the Hubs pick up the Munchkin on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can get a run in.

The alert went off at 4 to remind me, and so, dutifully reminded I made sure Hubs was picking up the Munchkin, headed home and hopped on the treadmill, queued up Fringe, and settled in for a nice comfortable 3 mile run.

At the one mile mark, my phone let me know I was averaging around a 12'20" pace, so I bumped up the speed a tiny bit, and settled in to a nice comfortable gait. Around the two mile mark, I realized I wasn't working very hard, so I pumped up the speed a bit again, and went for a while at a faster pace (around 11'50", dropped down to around a 12' pace for a minute to recover after a sprint then bumped it back up to around 11'40" to finish out the milage.

The run felt good, solid. I know I didn't push as hard as I could. It was a comfortable run. It let me know I have more in my legs, which I plan to use on the first run of next year on Thursday.

Now, my goals for next year. They can be summed up almost entirely with: Be more consistent.

I have a lot of great habits, that move me toward my goals, but I do them maybe 60% of the time. And usually not all at once. So breaking my goals down (in no particular order):

  • Run 500 miles in 2015 (since I missed that goal this year)
  • Bring more home made lunches to work (I get too much pre packaged crap for lunches)
  • Eat cleaner (more veggies, less take out)
  • Run another Half Marathon (targeting the same one I ran last year right now, but being flexible about which one I run, so I don't get super stressed about the training)
  • Add cross training at least one day a week
  • Sit still less
I've been working lately on setting myself up for success with these goals. I ordered a fitbit (which should arrive friday) which will help me with the sitting still issue. For Christmas I got the Believe Training Journal which should keep me on track for both running, cross training goals and half marathon goals.

The eating goals should be ok, as long as I make it a priority to meal plan and prep once a week.

The next step will be to break those goals down into mini goals, with weekly and monthly targets. I'll save that for another post.

I still owe the race recap for the reindeer run. Hopefully I'll get some uninterrupted computer time at home New Years day to get that typed up.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Great run and those are some great goals for next year!

  2. I love your goals! I have the Jawbone and it buzzes at me after 20 minutes of sitting. Every time that happens I get up a do a lap around my office. Or if I am at home I do a couple of laps around the house. You can do it!