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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A rough run and some calf pain.

Yesterday's run was supposed to be an easy three miles. Turns out I have been running an extra mile on some days. I ran the three miles. Problem was, it wasn't easy.

The first half of the run went well. My legs felt good, the pace felt comfortable, I even considered speeding myself up a bit to get the run done faster. Then, about halfway into my run, my calf started hurting.

At first it was just a slight twinge, which didn't seem like a big deal. But as I ran it started to become a serious ache. I slowed down for a bit, and it seemed to work out some, so I upped the pace again, ache came back, Slowed down, ache eased up, sped up, ache came back, rinse, repeat. You can see all the peaks and valleys on my run pace because of it.

The last bit of the run was actually the easiest bit. The ache had (mostly) worked out, and I was cruisin for a bit before hitting the three mile mark. I thought my calf had worked itself out. I hopped in the shower quickly to "ice" my legs a bit, and then headed over to my in laws for dinner. Shortly after I got there I could feel my calf (it's my left calf specifically) tightening up. I tried to stretch it a bit, and ended up doing this weird stretch with my left heel off the floor, acting like I'm trying to push my left knee into the ground at the same time, which was the only thing that seemed to stretch the specific spot that was aching. The ache just wouldn't let up, but it didn't get any worse. When we got home from dinner I put a heat pad on it for a bit, which seemed to help.

Today I can still feel it a bit, but it's nothing too bad right now. I'm going to put a heat pad on it again when I get home tonight, and try my best to rest up. We'll have to see how Thursday's run goes. I'm kind of hoping to make it to the group run this Saturday, and do my long run with the running group. I'm going to aim for 8 miles, so I sure hope this calf thing goes away before then.

Fingers crossed.

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