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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Loosing my running mojo.

Tuesday's run was ok. Really that's all I can say about it, which is good I suppose. It wasn't a slog, It actually felt like a decent run. It was only four miles, but it was nice to have a run that didn't feel like it was going to kill me.

I totally forgot to post my milage for the winter miles challenge last week, or update my total for "run this year". Oops.

I'm sorry this post sounds like such a downer. I'm having trouble keeping my running mojo up it seems. I'm hitting one of those points where sticking to the plan is getting really tough. Both because there are a million things pulling me off track, but also because my dedication to the plan is wavering. I'm not enjoying the runs right now.

The weather around here is most definitely not helping. I haven't been able to run outside in months, and as much as I can distract myself while running on the treadmill, I think it's really taking a toll on my desire to run. I've been looking into getting myself some Yaktraks or something so I can try to run outside soon. We're in the middle of yet another massive winter storm, which is dumping more snow than anticipated on us as I type, and there's yet another one waiting in the wings to supposedly wallop us this weekend, so the chances of there being any dry paths anytime soon is slim to none.

I know I've just got to push through this, get through the next couple of runs, and just hope it feels better soon. I've got a group 5k run coming up this weekend that I'm hoping to attend, which I hope will get me back into the groove.

Until then I just need to hang tough, and keep at it.


  1. You can do it! The best breakthroughs happen when it gets hard...or so I've been told.

  2. GO GO GO GO GO! You can do it!
    February is a short month. And before we know it it will be March and we'll all be complaining about dodging giant puddles while we run. And it will be awesome!