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Monday, February 24, 2014

Retooling the plan

Part of my issue lately is that the day that I have my long runs on, Sunday, has become the catch all for us to DO ALL THE THINGS on. This has resulted in my skipping my long run more weeks than not lately. After a solid week of running, when this happened again this week, I came to the conclusion that I need to move my long runs. My long runs are more important than another short run. So, I'm going to start flipping my two weekend runs. My long run henceforth will occur on Saturday (when I seem to weirdly have no issue getting my run in,) and Sunday will be a nice short recovery run. It will be glorious.

The run I did accomplish this weekend (my Saturday run,) was actually kind of a great run. I felt good, comfortable. I ended up pushing the pace a bit at the end because I had a lot left in my legs. Looking back on it I might have pushed it a little too hard, but it didn't feel like it at the time. We had actually gone for a short walk with our daughter and our dog that morning too, so I'm not sure exactly where it happened, but at some point I guess I must have over stressed my calf. By that evening my calf was aching. It really felt like just a knot in the muscle, but it's been persistent (I can still feel it a little today,) so maybe it was a good thing I couldn't do my long run.

I was struck by how this week, I did three four mile runs, and they seemed....not easy, but comfortable. The distance didn't feel like the 'ohmygodi'mgonnadieitsofar' it used to. It's a good feeling to realize that I am making progress.

This week my goal is to get all of my runs accomplished, and to actually follow the training plan this week (instead of just running four miles because that's what I think is on the training plan.)

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  1. Oh I feel you! I had to work my butt of to get a long run in. I think I might just set my alarm and get up early and run this weekend. Working around plans and family and kids and husband...meh. I'd rather focus on the run!
    Good luck getting your runs in this week! I believe in ya!