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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feeling Hot hot hot!

After missing my first morning speed work run, I still had to do the mileage, so last night I headed out to the Canal for my three miles.
It was hot and muggy, so I chilled my water bottle, and planned a route that would give me a water stop in the middle(ish).

Snazzy Outfit
The offending shorts
The heat even trumped modesty and I took the plunge, going out running in shorts and a tank top. The tank was even appropriately emblazoned with the words "Be Bold." This was huge step for me, and one that didn't entirely work out. Mostly because I spent a good portion of my run worrying about the fact that my shorts kept riding up in the middle. Does that happen to anyone else? Anyone know of a way to prevent it?

Also, even with the snazzy outfit I was dying in the heat. I ended up having to take a lot of walk breaks, starting at one mile. Then at the turn around I stopped to dump water on my legs and over my head, and to refill my bottle, which I had finished off. On the way back I think I took three walk breaks before I hit my three mile target. You can also see on my splits that my pace took a nose dive after that first mile.

Happy because the run is finished.
Even with finishing off the replenished water in my bottle, by the time I got back to my Inlaws for dinner, I was feeling really dehydrated. I finished off a small (about 12 oz) water bottle with Nuun in it with dinner, but I still ended up with a Migraine later that night. I've been making a point of drinking a lot of water during the day ( I keep a 33 oz water bottle at my desk that I drink all day ) so I'm not sure what else I can do to stave off the dehydration. I really felt like if I drank any more water on the run I was going to get sick.

Today is a (very) welcome rest day on my schedule. I may do some yoga later to try to work out some of the lingering soreness in my calves, at the very least I've got some time scheduled with my foam roller later.

How I really felt.
I'm trying really hard to keep a positive attitude about all of this right now, but I'm frustrated. Frustrated with how hard the runs feel, frustrated with trying to squeeze runs into rapidly shrinking free time, frustrated with my lack of weight loss (oh yeah that, remember I was trying to loose weight?) I feel like I've been at this forever, with very little progress to show.

I'm sure (mostly) that this feeling will pass as I get further into my training plan. I think it's mostly the fatigue of starting back into a serious training plan, combined with the unexpected effect of the heat and humidity.

I'm hoping soon that the runs will stop wiping me out. It's causing serious strife at home that I'm basically useless when I get home from a run, and the Hubs is having to pick up the slack.


  1. Summer running sucks. But it's better than being lazy on the couch, right?

    How many times do you fill up that 33 oz water bottle each day? Are you eating protein and all that jazz? Grabbing a snack within 30-45 minutes after the run ends? I'm sure you've thought about all this, just trying to be helpful.

    1. I'm only drinking one round of the 33 oz bottle...maybe I should drink more? Not really sure about my protein intake, Tracking that might be a good place to start. Thanks!

  2. I totally feel you on the shorts - it drives me nuts when they ride up. Honestly I wear spandex shorts (bought them at JCP for only like $11 - online delivered for free to my store) so that they cover my thighs where they rub together and they don't move. I know, it's spandex, but I decided I don't care and I'd rather cover my thighs for comfort with tighter shorts than have looser ones that don't cover my thighs as well and chafe. I love your tank top!

    My thoughts on the hydration are that you should be drinking a lot prior to the run, and a lot after. Check your pee - if it's clear, that means you are hydrated. Yellow is dehydrated in a way, the darker the yellow the worse you are. So your goal should be clear pee before your run and clear before bed.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the spandex! I'm going to try and hunt some down asap. Do you wear them under other shorts or alone?

    2. I wear them alone, but now that you mention it I could wear shorts over them. But in my mind I think the shorts over them might still ride up in the middle. That and I threw out about every pair of shorts I owned when I was at my heaviest 3-4 years ago. I was on shorts protest! So this way I just have the spandex and don't have to worry about them. I ordered these: http://www.jcpenney.com/women/activewear-/view-all/xersion-colorblock-bike-shorts/prod.jump?ppId=pp5003720334. I got them in pink (I love all things hot pink and my running shoes are hot pink), plus jcp always has coupons and free shipping to store. I got a Large, which is what I wear on bottoms, so they are pretty true to size. If you need plus sizes, just look for spandex at any of the stores. I buy the 'silky' kind instead of cotton because they last longer. My thighs rub together a lot, and that just wears the cotton out faster. Lastly, any store that offers free shipping to store (kohls, sears, jcp, etc.) - I order stuff in the two closest sizes, then try them on in the store. If they don't work, I return them right there - easy peasy! Another potential source is http://www.sierratradingpost.com/. Sign up for their email deals. Although they send a LOT, there are always sales and often 99 cent shipping!

  3. Spandex spandex spandex. The only thing that saves me is buying ones with spandex underneath or wearing spandex shorts underneath. Running skirts are also a great option!

    1. And another vote for the spandex ^_^ I don't know if I'm confident enough to rock the skirts yet, I've never really been a skirt girl, so it'd be outside my comfort zone I think!