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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Makeup Run, and missed morning group run

Last night I did a "makeup" run for my missed Sunday run. The Hubs and Daughter came along. We went down to the canal, in hopes of having a slightly cooling breeze to cut through the humidity.

It was hot. I was wearing one of my new pairs of shorts, ones with compression liners, so I figured my usual unhappiness with the shortness and the ride-upness would be combatted. Unfortunately, the compression part is not long enough for me, so I was still uncomfortable with the shortness. I really need to just buy compression shorts to wear under regular shorts I think. I'm gonna give them one more try and see if it's just my anxiety, or if they really are too short for me.

I was also wearing one of the hydration belts I got for my birthday, and again, not 100% comfortable with it. I don't like the way wearing it causes my shirt to do that pouf thing around my waist, like I'd tucked it into my pants and pulled it partway back out. I suppose I'll get used to it, since any hydration belt is going to cause this same phenomenon.  Either that or I'll loose enough weight that I'll start feeling comfortable wearing tighter shirts....

The run went ok, we had a couple of walk breaks, at one mile and at the turn around, and then Hubs dropped back to a walk around mile two. I kept going for almost another mile. I didn't have my phone with me, so I was estimating distances, apparently poorly.

It was definitely a slog of a run, but it felt awesome to have done it. To be out there sweating it out, and getting it done.

This morning however, I was unable to get up for the morning group workout. I just didn't have it in me after the run on Monday night, and then getting myself into bed too late (11pm), waking up at 5am just wasn't happening.

I listened to my body and got sleep, instead of forcing myself to get up and go run. I know it sounds like being lazy, but I honestly feel that I would have hurt myself if I had pushed myself out of bed on that little sleep and so close to the end of my last run. We finished our run on Monday after 7, so there would have been right around 10 hours between my runs, and only five solid hours of sleep.

So I've still got a run in me today. And after the day I've been having...I'll need it.

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  1. I feel you on all of those things. I have found I just need to let it go when it comes to how I look in my running clothes. I have a belly because I have twin boys and I am working on losing it. Some things will be tight on my belly. Nobody cares about it EXCEPT FOR ME! Hopefully you'll feel the same way about your shorts. Nobody cares but you. And if they do care, if your less than perfect thighs affect them negatively then you have every right to karate chop them in the throat.
    Sometimes your body needs rest more than a run. Listening to your body was the right call!