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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Making progress

So far so good. I've managed to do Days 1 & 2 of both challenges I signed myself up for. (30 day Ab challenge and the 30 Day strong Arms challenge.) I kept myself within my caloric limit yesterday, even with eating the last piece of my birthday cake left in the fridge. Minor miracle right there.

I have not gotten a run in yet, but I'm planning on getting a short run in this afternoon. I'm a little nervous about it as it'll be my first run in some real heat.  

The Challenges are still relatively easy, although the reps are climbing fast. Looking down the line, I can tell that I'm going to start really feeling it by the end of the week. Last night was a close call for my newly minted routine. The Toddler was in full effect last night, and it took both me and the Hubs to get her fed, bathed and in bed. We were both so tired by the time she went down that it required an hour of television lounging to recover before we had enough energy to do our respective routines (the Hubs is working on doing some PT for his knee right now.)

The other energy suck was actually a positive one. I made the Chicken-Mango Fajitas out of the Runner's World Cookbook last night. It was the first recipe I've tried out of the book. We did make one change to the recipe, we used corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. It was not a good switch. I would stick with the flour tortillas. Also the mango I got wasn't entirely ripe, which was unfortunate. They turned out good, although I'm now planning on little tweaks to the recipe to make them greatSome great things about the recipe, it was really healthy, and it made enough that I have some for lunch today! 

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  1. Good work on your challenges!
    Oh Toddler being a toddler. I feel your pain, Mama!