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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Putting June on Notice!

Conveniently the first day of June is a Sunday. Today is the first day of my "redemption month", and I'm jumping in with both feet.

For my birthday last week I got The Runners World Cookbook, and also a set of attachments for my Kitchen Aid for making pasta. (I also got a few other running related gifts, like a nathan hydration belt.)

This week I'm using both of those to start following a more healthy diet. I actually wrote out a rough meal plan for the week (it's mostly dinners with my lunches for work thrown in.) I've got a few breakfast recipes that I'm going to make tonight (grab and go stuff), and I'm going to start tracking what I'm eating again, starting on monday (hey it's sunday, and I've got leftover birthday cake to eat!)

Meal plan for the week. Stole the whiteboard idea from Skinny Geek!
Today is also day one for two month long challenges that I've decided to thrown down with. A 30 day Ab challenge and a  30 Day strong Arms challenge. Both of which I found on FaceBook. A few of the days have overlapping exercises, so on those days I'll be only doing one of the sets, whichever has the higher reps. (I have a sleeveless bridesmaids dress to wear in August!)

Next week, the Half Marathon training group I joined starts, so I need to get at least a couple of decent runs under my belt this week in preparation.

Bring it June.


  1. Yeah bring it, June! You've got this!

  2. Haha I thought I recognized that board! :)

    We can do this! June is gonna be our month!