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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The family that runs together...

Getting water after we finished.
I'm still here I swear. And I've been running, some. Not as much as I would have liked, but that will change when my training group starts up on Thursday.

This past Friday I went for a run with the Hubs and our daughter. We did two miles, first one with him pushing, second with me pushing, and then he slowed to a walk and I finished out a third mile.  We decided to run at Mt. Hope cemetery, instead of up at the reservoir. There is actual shade at Mt. Hope, and hills, and we wouldn't be just doing the same loop over and over.

Cutest Running Buddy Ever!

We took it easy too, since the Hubs is still nervous about his knee, and I haven't really done any hills in the heat yet. I also slowed waaaaay down when I was pushing. The last time I pushed the stroller I ended up pulling something in my calf because I was pushing too hard too soon, and it was warm out, and I am now gun shy about overheating. I tried to run by feel, since I didn't have my earbuds in, and therefore could not hear my phone telling me speed and distance. We actually were at 1.98 miles when the Hubs wanted to stop and I checked my phone to see how far he'd run. He decided he want to push through and finish out the two miles. Not my speediest run, but I'll take it. Especially since I know the speed is going to come with the training I'm about to start.

She looooves to run!

Luckily for us our daughter loves to run, so she was in heaven when we let her out of the stroller to run around while Hubs did his walk. She actually kinda fast too, so if you're not careful she'll get away from you. I hope she always keeps the joy she has when she runs now, laughing and yelling "I running!" back at me as she goes. Her joy while running is contagious too, which is awesome motivation. I'm trying to use her as a model for my attitude towards running. I really wish I could do anything with the pure joy and abandon that she runs with.
The 30 day challenges are kind of a bust, unfortunately. With everything else going on in my life right now, it's all I can do to get runs in three times a week. I've been doing the challenge work outs whenever I get a chance, but it's been sporadic at best.

I have been able to stick to a semblance of a good diet, however. Limiting myself to small portions and avoiding a lot of bad foods at several parties this weekend. So, small win there.

I'm planning on a short run tonight, but I'm going to try to take it easy so I don't burn myself out for thursday's intro to training run. I'm really nervous about it!

If you look close you can see one of the tall buildings of the Skyline through the trees.


  1. It is so easy to forget how much fun running can be. Glad your daughter is helping you remember.
    I cannot end a run that close to an even mile. I have been known to run back and forth in front of my house trying to get that last bit in. I love looking like a crazy person!