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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TTC Fertile Week One!

My first fertile cycle since we started TTC starts on Wednesday. Out of impatience and a desire to more than cover our bases, we're starting tonight. In preparation, my DH has been chowing down on Watermelon (which he hates), and I cut my morning coffee down from a large to a medium.

Both of these preparations are huge sacrifices for us. DH hates watermelon, he says it takes like watery cardboard. But he puts on a brave face and eats a large chunk of watermelon heart twice a day, just in case.

I love my morning coffee, cutting back to a "safe" level of caffeine has been an exercise is self control. My FIL roasts his own coffee. Super tasty delicious coffee. Every time we go over there, he offers to brew up some for us, and I get hit with the double whammy of desire and guilt. I really *do* want to accept a cup of that deliciousness, and I feel guilty for turning down something that was so lovingly made. Since we're not telling anyone we're trying, I can't say "I would love some, but it might interfere with us giving you grand-babies." So I just tried saying I'm trying to cut down my caffeine intake.

A new concern that's pop-ed up is the Cat Litter. We have a cat and a dog who we can't have in the same room unsupervised. Our cat is slightly neurotic and so we keep him, and his food, water and litter, in our bedroom. Now I'm reading that pregnant women should not have any contact with cat litter, because of the risk of  Toxoplasmosis. We're trying to figure out a solution, somehow moving the cat litter and subsequently the cat to another room, however the cat will be miserable if he's separated from us all the time. It's a stupid problem, but it's one that's completely stressing me out for some reason. I'm not quite sure how we're going to solve the problem, seeing as our apartment is already kind of small for us, and we have everything wedged in just so. I'm thinking my awesome desk and my treadmill might have to go. Sadness.

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